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Recovery Now

More than 120 years since the last wild Atlantic salmon was caught in Lake Ontario, years of research and stream stewardship have culminated in an opportunity to bring Atlantics back into the Lake Ontario ecosystem.

The following conservation agencies and organizations have united to form a partnership to restore Atlantic Salmon in Lake Ontario to a self-sustaining population by 2025:

The first steps in recovery was for the Recovery Team to draft a Recovery Strategy and initiate working groups responsible for developing plans targeting specific objectives of a 1995 Recovery Strategy.

Subsequently, our efforts have been to:

  • acquire resources to fund the stocking, research, and monitoring components of the recovery;
  • prepare informational material to promote the project and recruit participants;
  • develop fish rearing capabilities amongst stakeholder clubs to produce fry for stocking;
  • develop assessment and research methods to monitor the success of the program and fill knowledge gaps;
  • train anglers and charter boat operators to identify Atlantic Salmon and report sightings.

We are looking for partners and participants to join us in our efforts. For more information, please see How You Can Help. With your help, once again these beautiful, leaping silver fish will be in Lake Ontario for future generations to enjoy.