Restoring Lake Ontario's lost treasure
Phase III of the Program launches May 30th, 2016!.

About the Program

The Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program, also known as Bring Back the Salmon, has four components: fish production and stocking, water quality and habitat enhancement, outreach and education, and research and monitoring. The program is structured in five-year phases. Phase I, completed in early 2011, saw more than 2.5 million fish stocked into three target tributaries...

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How You Can Help

The Adopt-An-Atlantic fundraising program is a great way for anyone to get involved in the program. By adopting one of the Atlantic salmon broodstock, the parent fish of all the fry we are releasing into Lake Ontario's tributaries, you are supporting research and assessment projects made possible by knowing the identity and genetics of all the parent stock. For a contribution of...

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Classroom Hatchery Program

The Atlantic Salmon Classroom Hatchery Program is one of the education components of the Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program. This five-month hands-on lesson on Atlantic salmon and the biodiversity of the Lake Ontario watershed introduces students, parents, and teachers to the Atlantic salmon species, their history in Ontario, and the restoration efforts to bring back...

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Supported by a partnership of conservation organizations, corporations, communities, schools, governments and individuals