Classroom Hatchery Program

Primary Level (PK-Grade 3)

The classroom hatchery program has returned to in-class operation.

Our virtual program is still available! Any school, any grade, from any location may still join and use the virtual material to learn about Atlantic Salmon biology, history, and restoration efforts, and watch eggs develop into fry.
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Atlantic Salmon were native to Lake Ontario, but became extirpated from the lake by the late 1890s due to environmental degradation, damming of rivers, and overexploitation. The classroom hatchery program’s goals are to create future stewards connected to the environment and caring for our watersheds while helping to raise this native fish for restoration.

The Atlantic Salmon Classroom Hatchery Program is one of the education components of the Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program (LOASRP).

This five-month hands-on lesson on Atlantic Salmon and the biodiversity of the Lake Ontario watershed introduces students, parents, and teachers to the Atlantic Salmon species, their history in Ontario, and the restoration efforts to bring back a healthy and self-sustaining population to Lake Ontario. Salmon raised in the hatchery become part of the overall number released into the target streams annually. The Classroom Hatchery program creates long-term environmental awareness and engagement among participating students at the schools.

From our virtual classroom, students will observe Atlantic Salmon development from egg to fry and will learn about their biology, history, and ecology through weekly videos. Teachers will have the opportunity to schedule live question and answer sessions with our biologists and will be supplied with curriculum-linked lesson plans about Atlantic Salmon to use throughout the year. In May we will go on a virtual field trip to release the fish in a local restoration stream. This program offers excellent educational opportunities connected to fish biology, natural and cultural history, habitats, ecosystems, and environmental stewardship.

    The goals of the program are to:

    • Engage students in a large-scale, historic restoration effort
    • Deliver messages on habitat, stewardship, and biodiversity using Atlantic Salmon as a tangible example of those concepts
    • Foster a sense of ownership and stewardship towards an environment that now has “their” fish
    • Achieve a broader public awareness for the Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program as the students take their experiences with the classroom hatcheries back to their families and communities
    Sponsored by:
    Ontario Power Generation
    Funded by:
    Ontario Trillium Foundation

    Primary Level Virtual Classroom

    Classroom Hatchery Television - Primary Level Episode 1

    For grades Pk-3. The Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program, also known as Bring Back the Salmon Program, launches its popular classroom hatchery program in a 10-part virtual format. This ...week we introduce the program, why and what we are doing, and our host. Classes and clubs can sign up for the program, access additional resources, and schedule question and answer periods. Visit for more information.[+] Show More


    Virtual Classroom Hatchery Activites for Primary Level
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